Pakucho Cablé Grande

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The favourite cotton knitting yarn. Beautiful organic cotton yarn which is a pleasure to knit.

100% Cotton

96m ~ 50g // 105 yards ~ 1.8 oz

Needle: 3 - 5 mm

This organic cotton comes in a wonderful stable cable spin. For more than 30 years now, the company that supplies this organic yarn, produces and exports organic textiles and yarns from Peru in a sustainable way. Social responsibility, fair wages and jobs for the local people is very important to James Vreeland, the founder of that company.

In 1990 he initiated the program „drugfree Amazonas“ for native farmers to find a legal source of income by growing cotton instead of Coca plants.

Due to dyeing with plant dyes there is a natural variation within hanks of the same dye lot. To maintain an even appearance in larger projects I suggest to alternate skeins while knitting.