BOGEN soap dish

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Soap Dish

handmade by Hey Mama Wolf

A piece of soap is a great replacement for liquid soaps and shampoos. It's even better for the environment because it doesn't need plastic packaging and no water is transported needlessly.

But soap may not lay in water at the sink or they get smooshy. There are many soap dishes outhere but I never found the perfect one. That is why I developed BOGEN,

The tilted glazed surface lets the water easily drip out of the through and opening at the bottom.Just let the dish sit a little over the rim of your sink. It's as simple as that.

They match our wool soaps perfectly of course.


The soap dishes are all hand made so they vary a little. The glazing is cloudy and a lovely contrast to the matte unglazed outside.

B-Ware (see drop down menue) have small inregularities like small cracks or glazing mistakes. They do funtion normally though.