DVORA beeswax candles

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Handmade beeswax candles, 3 pieces

With handmade candles the wick is repeatedly dipped into melted wax until the candle has the required thickness. The whole studio smells like honey at that time. The candle still has that intense beautiful scent and spreads it's beautiful light in dark days.

Made from some local to me beeswax and organic beeswax from the EU.

Set of 3 candles, one is a litlle lighter in colour

If you like to use them for an advent wreath I recommend getting two sets then you have 2 spare ones to refill.

Size approx. 18 cm x 2 cm

Coton wick, Oeko-Tex 100

Burns about 8 hrs

You are buying a true nature product. Each candle is one of a kind.

Fits most candle sticks. I recommend using soft wax to fit the candle straight into them.

Please cut the wick at about 1 cm before every burn.