Herbal pillow HEU

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Herbal pillow filled with hayflowers.

Hayflower pillows have an earthy herb scent.

All the fabric for these pillows are recycled old linens and vintage cotton and dyed with natural and plant dyes.


Herbal Pillows are traditionally used to calm down after a hard day or just to relax and fall to sleep easily. Hayflower pillows are heated over hot water steam and then applied to tense and sore muscle and to releave pain. It is said to be relaxing, calming and soothing.


Place in a sealed container inbetween uses. The scent will last between 1 and 5 years.


All cushions are one of kind. Please choose from the options at the drop down menu and refer to the pictures.

Size approx. 26 x 20 cm


Natural dyes can fade quicker than chemical dyes. But not all of them and all fade beautifully. In my dyeing process I do not use any harmful substances and all plant material is put on the compost. Many plants are gathered in my surroundings or I use organic plant dye extracts. I use dye pots where yarns were dyed before to put dye fabrics. Like this the dye gets fully exhausted and nothing is wasted. Also I use every little piece of fabric to do these patchworks.