Lanolin Wool

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Lanolin wool, Yarn for diaper covers

100 % organic wool


100 g ~ 220 m

3,6 oz ~ 240 yards

Needle size 2.50 - 4.0 mm / US 1 - 6

This yarn is only very lightly washed so the natural lanolin content stays in the wool. It is especially made to knit cloth diaper covers. The wool and the high oil (lanolin) makes it water resistant. It is called Heilwolle, Fettwolle or Lanolinwolle in German. Our mothers and grandmothers used it. Although the oil stays in the fiber, the yarn doesn't have the typical sheepy smell. I think that is unfortunate but I understand that not everyone loves the sheep fragrance.

The yarn is soft and of course you can use it to knit other garments too. If you want to keep it's lanolin you should use a lanolin wash when needed. Like HMW's Wool Soap for example.