Wool Blanket with diamond pattern

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A wool blanket is an object that can accompany you for a lifetime. They keep you warm in cold days and can serve as a place for a picnic in summer. Snuggle up on the sofa with your knitting or spinning, take it to keep your back warm by the camp fire or to drink a cuppa and watch some tv.

This blanket is handwoven from german sheep wool in a grey and white diamond pattern.

It is 230 cm x 140 cm (90 x 55 inch) big. The wool is undyed. It still has a lovely sheepy scent.

The blankets are not chemically treated or chemically softened - you will feel and enjoy the real touch of natural wool advantages. It is light, soft and has a beautiful halo.

Same pattern on both sides. The surface is especially fluffy.

Eco friendly and ethically made in Europe