Wool Soap

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Wool Soap Bar - care for your woolens and skin

This Wool Soap Bar was built to naturally bring the most out of your woolen garments. We use only organic certified oils to make it. It is high in lanolin which naturally restores your treasured knits. Lanolin is not only good for wool, it is for your skin too!

The soap is scented with Citronella (simliar to lemon balm), Cedarwood or Lavender. All these are known to repell moths.

You can also choose unscented soap.

We kept the recipe simple with a few high quality organic ingredients for our cold processed handmade soap. We chose rape seed oil because we can get a great quality locally.

And yes, you can use the soap to wash your hands, hair and body too!



Fill wash basin with hand warm water, enough to cover garment. Lather soap generously. Immerse garment and let soak for 10 min. Rinse lightly, if desired (rinse not necessary). Block. Dry. Enjoy.

Ingredients include Rape seed oil, Coconut oil, Lanolin and essential oils.

Low waste packaging with only paper. Using this soap instead of liquid detergent in plastic containers is a sustainable choice.

1 piece ca. 100 gr // ca. 3.5 oz

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Soap ages with time and gets better and better. In this process it gets lighter because it gets dryer.